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Introducing flexible RPM/CCM Accelerator Programs

Custom-built and turnkey systems help to meet the market demand for quality solutions, seamless integrations and fast turnaround. NHS's flexible Accelerator program offers:

  • Eliminate the need to shop and vet the best vendor solutions for your healthcare vertical

  • Choose a platform that suits your population then add and customize as needed

  • Add any or all of the many options available to your standard platform for a complete customizaton

  • Save time and add to your bottom line; we've done the work  for you

  • Have access to NHS expert consulting to guide strategic thinking  and advice to propel growth

  • Benefit from the stellar performance of experienced healthcare professionals' quality initiatives

  • NHS Advisors are committed to directing clients through their business goals to maximize their success 

Let our experts help you to choose the best RPM/CCM solution for your needs

RPM Lite


This RPM solution provides for access to our RPM software for use at location(s) licensed for use.  The provider would need to fully manage the clinical and software alerts and if appicale provide for integration with an EMR and medical devices.  

Chronic Care Management


Recommended for population carve outs of patients with more than 3 chronic conditions.

  • Integrated Software

  • RPM Software

  • FDA devices 

Custom White Label Solution

Fully turnkey and customized white label integrated platforms available.  We serve small, medium and large enterprise clients.

Request an initial consultation meeting, Schedule a demo  or send us an email and we will take it from there.  

RPM Integrated


This RPM solution includes a fully integrated RPM solution with an EMR for seamless performance and accurancy of transferred data and patient care.  This is the perfect for mounting to RCM solutins for best billing accuracy and claims experience. 

Fully Managed Service


Trained care coordinators are the heartbeat of our advanced RPM Platform:

  • promoting trust between patient and provider

  • alleviating your staff of time-consuming tasks.

  • Patient compliance

  • Friendly troubleshooting

  • Quick response time

Options & Other Customizations


  Sample system options: 

  • FDA Devices

  • Device Integrations

  • White label

  • EMR Integrations

   *For a full list of options, pricing and quotes, please

contact us.



If you would like more information on our inventory of medical devices, pricing or have an Request for Proposal for a project, please send us your info and we will respond. Thank you

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