National Health Services is the nations first wellness company founded in 2003 with a single mission: to be a creative force to provide ground-breaking consulting to bring wellness to the forefront of how we think about our healthcare.

Each client is approached with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies.

While the company has evolved over time since its founding, the same integrity and heartfelt dedication exist and dictate every client project.

Let NHS help build an initiative to expand your current offerings or set your brand or business on the wellness path.  Success is waiting.  Call today.

Inspire, Affect and Make the Difference

"Wellness has been at the core of every business venture and in my life.  Wellness is the way to not only contain the rising costs of healthcare over time, it is the very essence of living a healthy life and the most important investment a person can make, themselves."  -elizabeth


                        with a WELLNESS FOCUS

Elizabeth Gannon, CEO, founded National Health Services through a cooperative business model to provide national access to healthcare services that were not included in traditional health plans and employer benefit plans. Through the various experienced collaborative partnerships, alliances, and vendor relationships, the new national wellness initiative was founded and has served as a foundation for the expansion and acceptance of wellness services within the traditional health insurance industry.

Working in national and wholesale healthcare markets with employers, TPA’s and hospitals, physicians, and health plans afforded in-depth experience into how the healthcare system operates. With a primary focus on product design, Elizabeth knows how to prioritize cost containment strategies while providing innovative consulting with a wellness focus for successful product implementation.

Prior to building out NHS, Elizabeth gained hands-on experience through various roles in the healthcare sector; she is most recognized for the creation and management of her disruptive national Wellness cooperative PPO network.

N-CAM, the first PPO network of its kind specialized in providing clients with access to multi-specialty complementary and alternative medicine provider networks to support wellness endeavors outside of traditional care. N-CAM was instrumental in developing the first credentialing standards aligned with NCQA accreditation standards for certified allied health professionals. 

When looking for what is next, Elizabeth is sure to be found in the industry's next disruption, lending her skills and passion for delivering access to the finest quality products and services that enable sustainable growth in healthcare.

Straight from the Source....

Elizabeth is relentless when she is passionate about something. Her enthusiasm is so contagious that it is not long before you are helping her achieve her objective. I enjoy working with her and greatly admire her results.        - Ben Park, President and CEO at VoCare, Inc

Elizabeth is strategic, energetic, and passionate about delivering results for her clients. She is not afraid to "swim against the tide" when she feels it's the right decision and is excellent at building consensus for her point of view. I highly recommend her.     
                                              - Jim Parker, Executive Leadership | Healthcare | Change Management | Strategic Alignment | Execution

Elizabeth has unbelievable energy and vision. This became clear to me within a very short time of working with her. We began exploring some emerging technologies together and ways we could drive telemedicine and patient experiences through them. She's extremely passionate about what she does and she applies herself fully. Elizabeth very quickly and intuitively grasps both the macro and microenvironment and envisions what success looks like across both fronts.     - Mike Adelizzi, Healthcare Technology Leader / Telehealth / CareClix

I love working with Elizabeth. She is always positive and proactive. I am thrilled to be partnered with her and highly recommend contacting her TODAY!        - Leah Sigler, President at The Teledentists

I worked with Elizabeth a couple different times over the past several years. She has always been great to work with and able to drive positive outcomes for her clients.                - Brian Egan, CEO at Mobile Healthcare