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Bringing wellness to the forefront of how we think about healthcare.

About NHS

Founded in 2003, NHS started with the goal to promote wellness as a focus within health plans, provider networks and health benefit programs rather than an after-thought placed as an option or at the backend of their existing solutions.

Today, NHS is an established healthcare solutions market leader and innovator of custom / turn key healthcare platforms with a wellness focus. As the importance of wellness has become a greater focus for payers, large health systems, government agencies and consumers, our innovative solutions facilitate results to meet the growing challenges in an ever-changing healthcare market.  


"Wellness has been at the core of every business venture and in my life.  Wellness is the way to not only contain the rising costs of healthcare over time, it is the very essence of living a healthy life and the most important investment a person can make, themselves."  -elizabeth

Creative Wellness Solutions 

Elizabeth Gannon, CEO, founded National Health Services through a cooperative business model to provide national access to healthcare services that were not included in traditional health plans and employer benefit plans. Through various experienced collaborative partnerships, alliances, and vendor relationships, a new national wellness initiative was founded and has served as a foundation for the expansion and acceptance of wellness services within the traditional health insurance industry.

Working in the national and wholesale healthcare markets with employers, TPA’s and hospitals, physicians, and health plans has afforded in-depth experience into how the healthcare system operates. As an industry veteran, Elizabeth serves as an expert in her field, as a Healthcare Solutions Architect. She is a driver of meaningful and measurable outcomes for organizations seeking scalable growth, financial success and social impact for health system change. With a primary focus on product design, Elizabeth knows how to prioritize cost containment strategies while providing innovative consulting with a wellness focus for successful product implementation.

When looking for what is next, Elizabeth is sure to be found in the industry's next disruption, lending her skills and passion for delivering access to the finest quality products and services that enable sustainable growth in healthcare.

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