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RPM/CCM/RTM, Revenue Cycle Management, Certified EHR & More

NHS Collaborative offers a comprehensive platform of solutions.  We provide consulting and evaluations with access to  our premium qualified healthcare services partners to make the perfect solution for your practice and population.

20+ years experience in providing turn-key healthcare solutions. What can add to your practice? 




National Access / Network Development

We have extensive experience and relationships throughout the industry and provide networks for any project and we can build custom network solutions if required. 



Before venturing into the national healthcare solutions marketplace, NHS pivoted from a prior company that created and launched the first nationwide multi-specialty network for Wellness Professionals. Originating in NY, this pioneering network brought wellness services to health plans nationwide.  This innovative initiative expanded through a flexible cooperative Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) model, catering to the diverse needs of health plans seeking to enhance their offerings.

With over two decades of experience in developing provider networks, NHS remains at the forefront, continuing to offer access to a national wellness PPO network. Additionally, our expertise extends to custom network development projects tailored to the unique requirements of our clients, ensuring seamless integration and comprehensive solutions for all stakeholders.

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