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                                                      ..... transforming dentistry in real-time.

Providing Dental Care
When & Where you need it!

Online or phone access to a medical professional anytime, anywhere!

24/7 access to online dental consultations with advanced teledental services and national access US-licensed dentists.

This easy access to board-certified dentists anytime, anywhere, offers a safe, effective, and money-saving alternative for care when an individual’s regular physicians are not available.​

  • Connect to a Dentist Quickly * 10 Minutes or Less

  • Online Dental Visits from Almost Anywhere * 24/7 Online Access

  • Standard & Emergency Dental Help * Care When You Need It

  • Consult with a dentist via video consultation

  • Whether you chipped a tooth, are missing a tooth or just want to make your smile shine a little bit brighter, we're here

  • Get a prescription or medication refill

  • 100% confidential

  • Receive quick answers and treatment 

Integrating teledentistry with your current business offerings can increase access to dental care at a fraction of the cost of regular medical visits, without sacrificing quality.

Portrait of a Young Doctor
Image by National Cancer Institute


For Dental Practices

Add Teledentistry to 

Your Practice

Bring the most elite Teledentistry platform into your office!

Our teledentistry consultation program is always expanding and developing new opportunities which are being implemented every day.  We deploy our virtual technology into dental offices nationwide to provide teledental services that your existing and new patients will enjoy.

This is a cost effective solution that should drive more revenue to your practice.

We provide help, information and recommendations for many of your oral issues. We use national online scheduling systems to find appointments. If the situation needs a dental visit, our network of dentists will see you at an appointed time and office, within 1 business day, to take care of your emergency.

For Physicians

Include Oral Health as 

Part of the Medical Home

Primary CareProviders will play an important role in improving every patient’s overallhealth by educating/promoting self-care and utilizing therapies to reverse or prevent the progression of oral and many systemic diseases.

Our Medical/Dental Integration Program can: 

  • Open dialogue between medical and dental professionals Provide a virtual dentist 24/7

  • Provide a virtual medical consultation from our network of telehealth partners

  • Provide quality patient care and accurate assessment, in real time, by a subject-matter expert. The right specialist enhances correct care – avoids risk

  • Pro-active patient assistance identifying appropriate follow-up care and enabling that appointment

  • Reduce healthcare costs for patients and insurers by improving oral/overall health

  • Develop and maintain in-network referrals to medical and dental providers

For Telehealth

Incorporate Teledentistry 

into Your Telehealth Strategies

Our robust platform is transforming the way people treat urgent oral and dental problems. Our exceptional virtual care solution for tele-dentistry creates an improved way to access care, providing essential dental services 24/7/365, wherever a dentist is needed. 

Founded by dentists with decades of private practice experience and healthcare business leaders recognized as industry telehealth pioneers, this innovative model saves patients time and money, reduces unnecessary ED visits, and provides health payers and employers a more cost-effective option.   

As a value added service, teledentistry can enhance your existing healthcare bundle.


We serve:

  • Telehealth Companies

  •  Healthcare Payers

  • Hospitals / ERs 

  • Urgent Care

  • Retail

  • OTHER [let us know how we can help]


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