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Teamwork makes everything possible,         Find inspiration around every turn.

We wouldn’t be able to take YOUR BUSINESS to the next level without our incredible team of creative entrepreneurs who collaborate together to make each project come to life.

Our projects run like a well-oiled machine, offering all of our clients smart and useful products and services aimed at making business better and more profitable.

Learn more about the incredible teams that collaborate to make it happen. 

Our Collective Story

We are a hub and leading provider of cutting-edge healthcare technologies and healthcare services, offering scalable solutions for companies of all sizes. Founded as a cooperative and entrepenuer collaborative by a group of entrpenuerial companies which began out of a need to expand services.  Sharing ideas in an open environment created a better mousetrap.  Today, we offer smart, innovative services to clients worldwide. 

National Health Services' culture fosters collaboration, working with top companies, clients and partners across the nation and worldwide, helping expand their offerings, solving difficult problems and developing custom initiatives. We work together with our clients, facilitating honest and transparent conversations to gain a complete understanding of a client's vision and needs prior to launching a project.  From boutique customizations to full enterprise and managed solutions. 

Solutions are built out seamlessly with our collaborative teams, select premium vendors, collective products and services.  By closely listening to our potential clientele and understanding their expectations, we analyze this information and customize an offering to exceed expectations while meeting ever-changing market needs.   Join our fast growing customer base.                                                        

Save time and money leveraging our curated ecosystem of partners.

Accelerate your benefits with an orchestrated experience designed to improve health, lower costs, increase productivity, and reduce stress.  Much like a corporate network, we operate in conjunction with an individual set of enterprises maintaining formal relations between them in the form of contracts between the businesses and not financial links, which differentiates them from groups.  Contracts specify the extent of the joint actions without going as far as control.

Our ecosystem of indutry veteran professionals seamlessly enables you to choose from a collection of integrated partners in a one-contract buying solution. Choose from the most sought-after partners in categories like remote patient monitoring, chronic condition management, nutrition, family health, physical activity, and more.

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