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Digital Health Services Administration

National Health Services provides administrative services to

support our clients and partner programs.

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Our Services


Telehealth Solutions

Partner with NHS to access the best in premium telehealth solutions designed and developed by our many expert and professional experienced partners. NHS provides everything from turnkey

no-hassle services complete with consulting, training and pain-free implementations to carve-outs of any of our products and services for your telehealth program enhancements, improvements and expansions. 


Practice Solutions

Access cutting-edge practice solutions designed to make your operation work for you! Gone will be the days of the struggle between balancing workloads for staff and bringing in additional revenue streams. 

NHS provides custom turnkey solutions that bring additional revenue streams using smart solutions that alleviate the burdens for the health professional and staff alike.  NHS provides consulting, practice solutions, training and implementation support.


Administrative Partner 

Partners and clients enjoy exclusive administrative services to ensure NHS products and services are delivered seamlessly and are continually monitored and supported for optimal success. NHS contunues to be the conduit for its turnkey solutions even after they are delivered to our customers. NHS provides enterprise solutions consulting from concept to delivery and beyond to enable and ensure the success of our solutions.

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White Earth

We have your Backend!

After the glow of developing and launching any digital health services platform or medical benefit program, we know from experience, that administrative services are the ongoing back-bone of the long-term success for clients and users alike.


Once your solution is launched into the market, it is already too late to determine how

your solution will be continually monitored and troubleshot. 

Being pro-active is worth every bit of what it takes to secure an optimal administrative functionality to support your efforts and continually monitor a smooth-running platform.

Sure, there are technology solutions for this and we use them, however, they still require the human touch and oversight to run smoothly and provide customer support.

Grow Your Vision

with Confidence.

National Health Services 

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